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THED 07 Final report

Project outcomes and teacher's stories
THED team interview 'Are teachers using Web 2.0 good for students?'
THED 07 Wrapping up

Teacher showcase 22nd November TAFE Wollongong

Come along for mentoring and hands on activities or phone Teaching & Learning Initiatives on 02 4229 0575 for info.

About the THED 2007 project

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The THED 2007 project aims to refine cross campus collaboration and processes to distribute ongoing innovation acroos the faculty and enable :

  • Teachers to discuss and document their personal learning plans via their personal blog or wiki and publish audio video and photos as part of work based learning.
  • Document best practice, create session plans and learning exemplars (activity sheets) as part of their work based learning.
  • Be encouraged to share learning through discussion via the THED Google group, EdNA forums and web conferencing.
  • Raise awareness and engage the wider Tourism and Hospitality Faculty community.
  • The project facilitator will ensure the team members personal learning spaces are linked to the THED wiki and co-ordinate presenting the project at elearning07.
  • The Faculty Director will invite others within the faculty and community to review the teams work and provide constructive feedback and for critical reflection enabling opportunity for knowledge sharing outside the Faculty/ Institute .
  • At the close of the project a faculty showcase will occur to highlight the THED 07 individual achievements, staff, management and industry representatives will see demonstrations of the technology with hands on mentoring and the opportunity to ask questions of the team.

For more detail on the project application:

Learnscope project brief and what we're doing.
THED 2007 application for funding.