This page is for the development of a collaborative brief and timeline that reflects the needs of all THED participants. Click here for the original THED 07 learnscope application, please read. I have copied and pasted the overview to start the process off, As a THED participant please refine and provide input in page below, simply click 'Edit this page' then 'Save'. I'd like you to have some ownership of this space and project.

THED Project brief

The Tourism and Hospitality:ED project focus is on:
  • Exploring the use of new technologies and action based learning working practices to transfer skills and knowledge across the whole tourism and hospitality faculty through work based learning.
  • Exploring new innovative ways of delivering engaging and managing clients using technology in a flexible learning environment.
  • Exploring new ways off delivering Personalised learning plans for delivery of flexible on the job training that can be customised to meet both learner and employer/industry needs.
  • Exploring strategies to improve the efficiency of assessment being undertaken by staff.
  • Empowering mentors to share learning and innovation across the faculty and institute.

THED 07 builds upon the success of past learnscope projects, THED 06 participants now act in a mentoring role for teachers new to elearning. (

The project will connect Tourism & Hospitality staff and students with Event management, Commercial Cookery and Meat and Allied Services.

The project is sustainable in the long term as part of a whole of faculty work based learning initiative. This will enable teachers the time and resources to learn new online communication technologies and face to face action learning practices to share learning and trade pedagogical practices.

The project also links the VTE client/learner into the work based learning process leading to learning outcomes.

The project team will explore a variety of technologies to engage the client within the classroom and workplace. These technologies include but not limited to PDA’s, Web 2.0 technologies; blogs, wikis, video blogging, moblogging… The tools will be used to develop skills to capture a variety of media to enable student’s to build their own eportfolio. This can be used for assessment, RPL, and gaining feedback from industry/ employers.

The aim is for THED to link to alumni as part of a learning and professional community beyond TAFE and build future connections with industry. Join the discussion in the THED group

Project timeline