Jeanne McCrae - Event management teacher

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About me

I teach Hospitality and Events Management Students. My main areas of teaching focus on human resource management and occupational health and safety tied in with events management. The project that Rob and I are doing with the 2nd year Hospitality Management students is really exciting and has inspired me to integrate the use of technology and other teaching tools to assist in the practical facilitation of learning. It is motivating to see the rewards that the students have achieved from the shift away from the traditional style of classroom lecturing. I look forward to participating in this project to assist me in creating greater knowledge and resources to share with future teachers and students.

My e-portfolio links

Photos: Hands on practical session with students using ipod and digtial camera

My 2007-2008 learning plan

What subjects are you teaching? (What?)

Manage workplace relations
Monitor staff performance
Establish and maintain a safe secure workplace
Manage risk
Tourism product development
Tourism industry systems
Event staging
Front office

What is the purpose of your project (Why?) What student learning outcomes does your project relate to?

I have several 2007 events to organise as part of student's learning

Dining with the stars
Insert a few lines

Support for fashion show (Rob Long's project)
Insert a few lines

T & H Career conference
Students staying in Melbourne 5 star hotel - Meeting with 10 different employers to discuss industry expectations of staff.

I'll integrate the use of technology and other teaching tools to assist in the practical facilitation and validated assessment of student's learning as part of these events.

What student learning outcomes does your project relate to?


Resources needed

Event management toolbox's
Janison Front line office course
Mobile phone with digital camera
Digital camera's
Laptop with internet connection
Access to computer labs for students
Photoshop elements

Who is involved in your project (Who?)

Steven - Mentor and hands on in classroom support
Rob - Tag teaching and support in event's preparation
THED mentor network

What are you going to do in your project (What?)

Identify exsitng resources for subjects I'm teaching
Review review toolboxes and online delivery
Search open internet, i.e. and tag usefult stuff 'THED+eventmanagement'
Discuss student delivery options with mentor , i.e Janison, wiki,

Create digital story resources that explain the steps in event preparation
Identify exisitng photos I want to incorporate
Story board digital photos against learning outcomes, demonstrate exposure and media presence from past events
Capture photo and video
Script and record voice over
Combine in Photostory elements to create digital story, refer to photostory activity sheet.

Create engaging resources
ASAP Review discuss with colleagues useful tools and add to wishlist at

Arrange in advance with Mentor suitable times in early August for whole THED team to attend hands on lLearnscope mentored earning session with tools.

Publish dates to THED calendar

Enable students to take photos, audio and video of their learning and publish to the internet as part of assessment e-portfolio
Refer to engaging students
Indentify a simple list of practical student tasks signed off against assessment criteria
Plan how students can capture video and photos using mobiles or digital cameras of the various stages of their activities
Develop activity sheets with step by step instructions for students
Brief students and trial use of technology in the hair salon
Publish student media to event managment blog or wiki
All with support of THED mentors

Learn about event pro (Database clients) and link with the photstory resources
Talk to team about making time to learn tool, support each others learning.
Use Dining with the stars - Key project as example to devlop an activity sheht resource for others to learn from

Do follow up on News paper, radio, tv coverage of events

Chef cam with Brian - Webconferencing Skype
Arrange date in August septmeber to web conference with chef brian
Publicise event on THED wiki and on calander, invite others from across facltuy to attend.

Careers conference video footage
Organise colleague to do traning in video editing skills and capturing Video footage (Refer to Les tasker)
Capture video footage at market for careers advisr marketes

Create Activity sheets for events

Develop format for activity sheets with Thed team in early August
Write activty sheets for flexible learnig processes I devleop in my wiki
Showcase with faculty colleagues in late September

Informal showcase for staff and students
Discuss with team cocreating a resource to shocase planned activities for year 2 students

Taking media of J drive and putting into my teaching online eportolio
Evaluate photos and resources on J driove to incorporate into my e-portfolio
Discuss publsihing options wth mentor

What is your timeline for achieving your project goals? (What?)

15th August Details in event pro software - Finalise databse

22nd August - Dining with the stars - Media release 2 weeks to 22nd prior (Kembal Grange or wollongong Golfe club with local chefs) -

23rd August - Thank you and follow up via emailb make it funky (event pro mail merge)

4th- 6th September Carreer conference - 5 star hotel - Meeting with 10 different employers

Late Septmeber / October Informal showcase for staff and students

Spetember - Completion of e-portfolio

How will you know if you have achieved your purpose (How?) Vison and mission statement published to class wiki

Critical evalution - Teacher Positive student that reflects success in relaising the vision and mission staement for the class - i.e gain a great insight, know what empoyers - Survey Monkey

How are you going to share your learning with your colleagues? (How?)

Discussion and reflectio with Rob Long, recording and publishing to e-portfolio

Department meeting present end of semester and prior to the start of smester, recording and publishing to e-portfolio

Useful Files on J drive published through e-portfolio

Informal showcase for staff and students - Photos - Carrot that draws them into the second year

Discuss my learning through my discssion tab . Others will be able to track and give me feedback using talk to mentor for further info.