Cool tools

Links to some useful tools and description on using in your Tourism and Hospitality teaching. There are also some some hands on activity sheets with step by step instructions on how to get started...

Learnscope 'How to's'
T & H Curriculum, Resources and Activity Sheets - Proof of concept

Mentoring timesheet

Fill in time sheet to gain teacher release to enable teacher release to Mentor colleagues around the THED related activities and technologies (40 hours teacher release avaible for THED group).

Activity sheets

Adobe Connect - A beginners guide

Adobe Connect - Session Plan - Beginner's guide

Google calendar - How to use in education

Adobe Connect 9th August - Google Calendar

Wikispaces example model of use- 'A people learning managment system'

Fotoflexer - Easily edit your photos for free and online

Create digital stories using Photostory 3

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Other stuff

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The importance of activity sheets (The glue that binds the network)

Cool tools

Other sites

Learnscope cool tool resources and activity sheets
This wiki is the central hub for NSW LearnScope teams and individuals.

THED photos - Flickr
This is used to share photos to capture how faculty is utilising technolgies in teaching.

Google calendar instructions (including updates)
Collaborate and learn with edna 19th July