As part of the 2007 THED project there will be a faculty T&H educational technology showcase at the end of the year. More to follow...

22nd November faculty showcase - TLI - Building L, Wollongong LG 65A

Week 17 - Last week Thursday 22nd November
Please insert anything you can think of below that needs to be done to prepare for the faculty showcase.


Prepare poster and flyers and email - Steven/ John Boss
Book catering - Done
Book room - Done
Prepare Mentor activity sheets - All
Preapre showcase booklet of activity sheets - TLI
Invite- Nerolli Casidy ICVET Ultimo teachers TALO members - Steven
Create registration form - Steven

10am: Registration and morning tea


10.20am: Welcome from faculty managment


10.30am - 12:00 am: Case studies open discussion and group photo

Topic - What can be achieved in your teaching? What are the barriers to uptake? What are the solutions? What are the opportunities?

Each THED Mentor to prepare 5-10min overview of their 2007 work - Steven to facilitate

12.00pm - 12.30pm: Open lunch and one on one discussion


12.30- 2.00: Open Session - Hands on Activities Insert

  • Fotoflexer - Bjorn
Photostory - Take photos during first half, put onto share drive (or flickr) - Rino
  • Cam studio - Dominic
  • Google maps - Ken Burgin - http://profitablehospitality.com.au
  • Digitial camera - Pics
  • Burn photo DVD - Rob Long
  • Book venue - Check Auditorium and arrange - VG05 - Steven to test Kitchen will be available in kitchen
  • Marketing/ Sponsorship Tooheys - Bjorn
  • Prepare activity sheets in wikieducator. Example http://wikieducator.org/Create_digital_stories_using_photostory
  • There will be further teacher release for people who can develop an activity sheet for other teachers against learning outcomes.
  • Check up on PT teacher release hours
  • Check wireless iiwifi and blue socket, have

2.00 - 2.15: Conclusion - where to next for Faculty mentoring?



Invite students and industry reps to participate.

Showcase brief

At the end of the learnscope project it is planned to run a Tourism and Hospitality faculty showcase in late September with the sponsorship and support of the Community Services Tourism and Hospitality Curriulum Center.


The Tourism and Hospitality showcase will enable participants:
  • To share and collaborate with each other and showcase successful projects online via Adobe Connect.
  • To discover the new technologies and teaching practices trialed by learnscope mentors through hands on experience.
  • To develop their teaching capabilities (i.e. how to capture and publish video, audio, photos). Activity sheets will be written by the mentors and provide step by step instructions on to use the technologies with examplars referenced against course learning outcomes.
  • To engage action learning working practices that can be incorporated into day to day working practices.

Examples of showcase events

Showcase example 1
Showcase example 2


Tourism and Hospitality Educators (THED 07)

Teachers from the Tourism and Hospitaltiy Faculty at Illawarra Institute have been participating in trials of new technologies for learning (wireless network, laptops, , mobile devices and web 2.0) as part of the NSW Learnscope 07 project.
These technologies are assisting teachers to access resources, software, internet and collaboration tools to better support flexible and workplace delivery and assessment and expand learning activities for students.
Come along to the showcase and see what teachers are doing, ask questions and engage in conversations with the teachers and TLI staff involved in the trials; network with colleagues; do some quick simple learning activities that you could adapt for your teaching; and, take away information and practical tips …
Find out how you can access and use new technologies in your teaching and have FUN at the same time. Prizes to be won!

THED 07 Showcase Program Outline

  • 10am: Registration and morning tea
  • 10.20am: Welcome from faculty managment
  • 10.30am: Case studies from THED team and open discussion on new teaching practice and technolgoies, the successes and constraints
  • 12.15pm - 12.45pm: Open lunch and one on one discussion
  • 12.45 - 2.30: Open Session - Hands on Activities Tourism and Hospitality Mentors - Commercial Cookery, Event Management, Alcohol and Beverage and hairdressing
  • 2.30 - 2.45: Conclusion - where to next for Faculty mentoring?

NOTE: The case studies and open discussion will be accessible at all campuses from your desktop or library. Ask your librarian or contact the TLRU for help in testing Adobe Connect prior to the Showcase.

15th October TLI to prepare flyer fro head teachers to be market event