Steven Parker - THED Learnscope Project manager and facilitator

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Three things about me:
  • My passion is playing music on my guitar every day, it helps me relax after a long day staring at the computer screen. external image smiley.gif
  • I am from Northern Ireland and came to Sydney in 1999 to work as a Landscape Architect.
  • I am planning on walking the Milford Track in New Zealand this year.

Blog about how to conduct a successful learnig plan interview


What impact E-learning has on the subjects you are teaching?

(please include links to examples what E-learning resourses are you using:ie :Moblog, toolboxes...)


What are your goals for 2007 with E-learning and the learning objectives?

How are you going to implement your e-learning with other learning strategies?

What is your timeline?

How are you going to share your learning?

What resources will you need? (Time/ Release/ Equipment/ Support etc.)