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Hairdressing faculty's simone makes the leap to elearning

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I'll use this blog to reflect on my learning and share my success stories with my colleagues and students.
I'll use this blog to reflect on learning and enable students to share stories.

My 2007-2008 learning plan

What subjects are you teaching? (What?)

I'm teaching WRH30100 Certificate III in Hairdressing

What is the purpose of your project (Why?)
It's a pilot project to eventually share with the rest of the hairdressing faculty new teaching methods around delivering the theory, practical, assessment activities around the new hairdressing training packages.

My goals are to:
  • Learn about and develop skills in elearning, e-assessment, flexible delivery, new workplace teaching methods and creation of engaging resources for hairdressing. We need to be progressive and use the technology our students use in their own lives.
  • Work with my head teacher Maria Cavanagh to show the hairdressing section examples of online resources I use in my teaching such as toolbox cyber hair studio and my blog to talk about flexible delivery. I need to keep a diary of my learning to share with others so they can learn as well.
  • My aim is for everyone (Students and teachers) to create a blog for themselves as part of their own Skills Passport (E-portfolio).I am quite sure everyone will be just as excited as I am. After talking to Steven I went straight to the shops & bought myself a phone with a camera.

What student learning outcomes does your project relate to?

Resources needed

Cert III Hairdressing toolbox Cyber Hair studio

Mobile phone with digital camera
Digital camera's

Laptop with internet connection
Access to computer labs for students

Who is involved in your project (Who?)
  • Maria Cavanagh - Head teacher - Illawarra institute hairdressing faculty
  • Steven Parker - E learning mentor - Teaching and learning Initiatives
  • Staff from North Sydney Institute

What are you going to do in your project (What?)

NOTE: To start I listed in bold what I wanted to do, made an appointment with my Mentor Steven. He sat down with me and advised what actions I can take to achieve my goals. I also invited my manager and THED colleagues for advice on achieving my learning plan goals.

Develop my web searching skills, find resources in hairdressing
Read 'Getting Started' section on THED wiki overview.
Do a workshop with TLI on accessing the DET portal searching TALE and the Flexible learning toolbox repository.
Do the library 'hidden web' workshop on using search tools
Do a workshop with Steven in bookmarking useful websites to share with students and colleagues using
Search for hairdressing resources for example in,

Identify delivery options for online resources for the Cert III hairdressing course
Do the blog and wiki workshops, dates to be advised:
Make an appointment to talk to Mentor on using blogs and wikis with students to talk about hairdressing techniques with classroom support
Have discussions with North sydney Institute colleagues on what they're doing with Janison blogs and wikis.
Try the Janison learning management system with the Cyber Salon toolbox students with support from TLI

Faciliate and support my students learning with online communication tools
Do the THED Adobe Connect Workshop in late July
Attend THED group meetings and online PD events using Adobe Connect

Use digital equipment with my students in the hair studio for learning and assessment and make interesting learning materials
Develop a digital story resource for the element 'Maintain Tools and Equipment' that incorporates Video Audio and Digtial Photos with support from Mentor. Make appointment with TLI mentor to discuss further.

Mark students work online and measure their progress with eassessment
Indentify a simple list of practical student tasks signed off against assessment criteria
Plan how students can capture video and photos using mobiles or digital cameras of the various stages of their activities
Develop activity sheets with step by step instructions for students
Brief students and trial use of technology in the hair salon
Publish student media to hairdressing blog or wiki
All with support of THED mentors

Understand elearning issues around copyright, student privacy and online community guidelines
Attend Adobe Connect oline workshop around Crteative Commons, Privacy and Online Community Guidelienms when setting up online spaces for teaching and learning.

Change the culture of hairdressing faculty to incorporate new teaching methods to engage the students
Invite colleagues to be involved in trialing new teaching methods and technologies
Keep Head teacher Maria and faculty manager John Boss in the loop of the project outcomes, what works, what doesn't what are the barriers, what resources are needed

Create a learning record/ eportfolio of my progress as part of my own life long learning
Post my learning experiences to my blog with photos audio and video of my activities

What is your timeline for achieving your project goals? (What?)

July 2007 - Dec 2007 trial new technologies and teaching methods
Jan 2008 - July 2008 - Deliver Cyber Salon course in janison
July 2008 - Dec 2008 - Pilot practical implementation of student blogging their learning as part of skills passport eportfolio in hair salon

How will you know if you have achieved your purpose (How?)

Has there been a change in engagment of students and improvement in their result using these tools in the hairdressing environement?
Are colleagues more aware and willing to trial new technolgies and teaching methods?
Is the assessment of students validated?

How are you going to share your learning with your colleagues? (How?)

Develop activity sheets that coleagues can follow to adopt new tools and techniques in their teaching
Take pictures and blog interview students about the outcomes of my actions
Post hairdressing events and activities to THED Google calendar
Present and run hands on session at the T&H faculty showcase at the end of the year
Post updates to THED google group to share with Otago Polytechinic hairdressing, and North Sydney