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About me

My Teaching career began in 1996 as a full time teacher of Hospitality Management at Wollongong TAFE. I believe that access to quality education and facilities is the basis of a strong demorcratic community. I also believe in having a good laugh with my colleagues and students.

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2007 Outcomes



My 2007 learning plan

What subjects are you teaching? (What?)

Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
Event Staging
Tourism Destinations
Managing Financial Operations
Business Plans

What is the purpose of your project (Why?)

I have been working with Jeanne Mcrae this year on developing practical management education for the second year Hospitality Diploma students. This practical management environment involves the students gaining real experience at managing commercial events. The need for IT skills and tools is vital and I need to increase my knowledge.

What student learning outcomes does your project relate to?

Jeanne and I have incorporated all the final year module learning outcomes into a holistic assessment that reduces duplication and allows the students to illustrate their learning in practical management.

Resources needed

Immediate: Access to Hardware for all students (PC Laptops, Projectors,colour printers, Cameras, Ipods.)
Access to easily accessable and secure electronic storage.
Access to software such as mutli media and communication tools
Dream -Practice firm environment.

Who is involved in your project (Who?)

Jeanne Mcrae

What are you going to do in your project (What?)

Create a wikipage
Investigate improved storage space for students incorporating space that is accessable form remote sites.
Improve multi media skills in such software as microsoft picture story,
Improve skills in communication tools such as Skipe and Adobe connect

What is your timeline for achieving your project goals? (What?)

November 2007

How will you know if you have achieved your purpose (How?)

Creation of Wikispaces that students can access.



How are you going to share your learning with your colleagues? (How?)

Join session and share my knowledge.