Quirino Colecchia- Commercial cookery teacher


About me

Hi I'm a Commercial cookery teacher interested in exploring using technology with students as part of flexible delivery in commerical cookery TAFE Wollongong.

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Check out my movies from the kitchen

My Learnscope competition entry

Students film Rino in the kitchen

My 2007 learning plan

What subjects are you teaching? 2008

Commercial cookery Cert ?

What is the purpose of your project

To learn and trial new processes and technologies within the commercial cookery kitchen as part of my teaching delivery and assessment strategies for August and September 2007. The skills can then be applied in future subjects for 2008. My learning process will involve trialing:

  • New session plans to implement technologies
  • Utlising commercial cookery online resources with students
  • Presentation and delivery techniques using technology
  • Preparing the learner to utlise digital cameras
  • Hands on learner participation utlising digital camera as part of kitchen tasks.

I will also keep a journal of my progesses in the learning plan discussion tab, what works, what doesn't work.

What student learning outcomes does your project relate to?

Student outcomes relate to www.det.nsw.edu.au/**cido** course documents for pastry:
FDFPABP2A Bake pastry product
THHBCC09A Prepare pastry, cakes and yeast goods

Observable and measureable student outcomes

Theory and practical subjects
Name the variety of Pastry Commodities and state their use
State the different preparations and techniques

I Have an existing resource with good sequence and photos, need to recreate the sequence with photos from my kitchen.
Need to prepare in advance of delivering to students, means obtaining ingredients and utensils and presenting and photographing in sequence.
Time booked in kitchen between Educational Technologist and Chef.
I'll get Training in using a photo editor before hand-
Photos will be published in Powerpoint and photostory .wmv and put on web.

Hands on practical
Apply the different Pastry preparations and techniques in the kitchen

I (The teacher) will demonstrate baking technique step by step to students
Once I have finished a step, student witll practices with me montoring to correct offer advice and assess to completion and baking of product - No techology used

At end evaluation of product what went wrong why this happened - I'll also prepare variations of product based on good and bad methods. and take photos for a digtal story.

Demonstrate pastry preparations and techniques in the kitchen

Standard assessment notes taken by teacher, ALSO Photo's and audio comment for future reference of students. Will be publsished to class website/ wiki blog etc. for comment.


Wireless Digital
Digital story software
Commercial cookery toolbox online resource

Who is involved in your project?

Steven Parker - Educational technologist
Gabriele Frawley - Head teacher
Mark Brownlie - Colleague
Michael Burbidge - Comercial cookery
THED community

What are you going to do in your project

Develop my web searching skills, find resources in cookery

Theory and practical subjects

Pastry preparations and techniques - Digital story
Attend the Learnscope Mentor training 23rd August at on digital stories:
Learn how to create digital stories on:
  • The variety of Pastry Commodities and their stated use
  • The different preparations and techniques

Student hands on practical
Apply the different Pastry preparations and techniques in the kitchen - Student activity


September 2007
  • Identify a simple list of practical student kitchen tasks signed off against assessment criteria.
  • Brief students and trial use of technology as part of 12 hour computer skills elective, then implement within kitchen.
  • Enable the students to capture photos using digital cameras of the various stages of their cooking to record and demonstrate their understanding of why they are doing the task?
  • Publish student media to internet for assessment as part of e-portfolio

What is your timeline for achieving your project goals?



How will you know if you have achieved your purpose

Will be able to apply to my 2008 teaching subject Commerical cookery
  • Hands on practical kitchen Tie to 12 hour elective Preparation of restaurant cuts
  • Demonstration and cooking Assessment Preparation of restaurant cuts - Student media Demonstration and cooking Theory and practical subjects
  • Focus meat and new meat standards - Underpinning Breaking down carcass -
  • Digital story Restaurant butchery vs retail butchery - Digtial story Storage of cuts - Digtial story Demonstration and cooking

How are you going to share your learning with your colleagues?

  • Reflecting in the discussion on my learning plan
  • Attending Adobe Connect PD sessions
  • Publishing digital story media to my learning plan