THED 07 Quality project submission planning


THED participants should have their innovative 2007 work recognised within the Department of Education and Training, this wiki page will be used to link to and capture the necessary data for submitting a THED 07 'Quality submission' . The Illawarra Institute will also use this data to as part of implementing a networked learning professional development model that can be repeatedly utilised across faculties.

About the project

1.1 Project description and objectives

1.2 Contribution to TAFE NSW and Institute plans

1.3 Customers and stakeholders

The Project Team

2.1 Team representation and management support

2.2 Team processes

2.3 Team communication

Research and Data

3.1 Learning from similar projects

3.2 Stakeholder and customer consultation

3.3 Project planning supported by research and data

Project implementation

4.1 Project planning

4.2 Customer feedback used in implementation

4.3 Alignment to II, TAFE NSW and National VET objectives

Evaluation and Communication

5.1 Project measured against objectives

5.2 Various channels used to share information about the project

5.3 Project outcomes have added value to the organization

Future Directions

6.1 Processes for on-going monitoring and evaluation

6.2 Steps to ensure project continues to benefit the organization

6.3 Processes and responsibilities for managing the project outcomes as part of normal business