Mark Brownlie-Commercial Cookery Teacher


About me

Little bit about yourself

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My 2007 learning plan

What subjects are you teaching?

Commercial cookery Cert ?

What is the purpose of your project

To learn and trial new processes and technologies within the commercial cookery kitchen as part of my teaching delivery and assessment strategies for August and September 2007. The skills can then be applied in future subjects for 2008. My learning process will involve trialing:

  • New session plans to implement technologies
  • Utlising commercial cookery online resources with students
  • Presentation and delivery techniques using technology
  • I will also keep a journal of my progesses in the learning plan discussion tab, what works, what doesn't work.
  • Develop skills in using a digital camera to record interviews with students about their experince of commercial cookery at Wollongong TAFE
  • To publish videos to commercial cookery marketing wiki.

What student learning outcomes does your project relate to?

Student outcomes relate to**cido** course documents for ?:

Observable and measureable student outcomes

Theory and practical subjects
Name the variety of Stocks, soups and sauces
State the the different preparations and techniques


Wireless Digital
Digital story software
Commercial cookery toolbox online resource

Who is involved in your project?

Steven Parker - Educational technologist
Gabriele Frawley - Head teacher
Mark Brownlie - Colleague
Michael Burbidge - Comercial cookery
THED community

What are you going to do in your project

Develop my web searching skills, find resources in cookery
  • Do a workshop with TLI on accessing the DET portal searching TALE and the Flexible learning toolbox repository.
  • Do the library 'hidden web' workshop on using search tools
  • Do a workshop with Steven in bookmarking useful websites to share with students and colleagues using http://del.icio.usSearch for resources for example in,
  • Talk with other teachers about what resources they use – i.e. Michael Burbidge – Bega Campus - Futura CD's Online resources
  • Identify commercial cookery online resources i.e. Commercial cookery
  • Talk to Mentor about making resources available for students
  • Create paper activity sheet with for students with step by step instructions for accessing online resources online from home or from library

Theory and practical subjects

Stocks, soups and sauces preparations and techniques - Digital story
Attend the Learnscope Mentor training 23rd August at on digital stories:
Learn how to create digital stories on:
  • Stocks, soups and sauces
  • The different preparations and techniques

Marketing the Commercial Cookery Section T&H video
Final year student/ teacher interviews - - Digtial/Video

Ideas for video:

- Profiles of Teachers who teach at Wolllongong
- Profile of types of Students who come to Wollongong
- Example of facilities
- Examples of teaching
- Promote the commercial cookery profession and industry
- Target parents and potential students


September 2007
  • Talk to Les Tasker about learnig how to use a video camera for interviewing students and make plans fro recording data
  • Identify a list of student questions
  • Publish student media to internet for assessment as part of commercial cookery marketing

What is your timeline for achieving your project goals?




How will you know if you have achieved your purpose

Will be able to apply my new skills to my 2008 teaching subject Commerical cookery

How are you going to share your learning with your colleagues?

  • Reflecting in the discussion on my learning plan
  • Attending Adobe Connect PD sessions
  • Publishing digital story media to my learning plan