Tourism and Hospitality ED Illawarra 2007 Learnscope project


For the Learnscope 07 team application the Illawarra Institute will connect teaching staff and students from four principle Tourism and Hospitality areas; Tourism & Hospitality, Event management, Commerical Cookery and Meat and Allied Services as well as campus libraries, to explore and implement the use of educational techology and new teaching practices through peer mentoring, workplace learning, classroom support and online events, all as part of a cross campus professional network.

e-Learning for Tourism Hospitality Event Management teachers Illawarra Institute
Tourism and Hospitality Commercial Cookery
(Note: attach Jenny and John’s emails to the application form for Di's consideration)
Meat:ED - Meat and Allied Services Team, West Wollongong

Team contacts

Rob Long, Head teacher, Tourism and Hospitality, Event managment , Wollongong Campus - Project Coordinator
? - Commercial cookery, Nowra
Terry Bush, Head Teacher, Meat and Allied Services, West Wollongong Campus - Commercial Cookery
Jo Kay, Teaching and Learning Resource Unit - Facilitator, Support
Les Tasker, Teaching and Learning Resource Unit - Facilitator, Support
Steven Parker, Teaching and Learning Resource Unit - Project Manager, Support

Notes for app
E-business- Clams
How we going to organise sub-teams, through coordinators
Gather student names and classes, courses that the work would impact
Critical reflection
What are you doing
What have you learnt
Team members and have done learnscope and TOL before.
Mentors and 2006 participants are coaches
Connect to institute strategic plan
Incorporates network, applying environemental suatainsabilty practices within T&H industry