Bjorn Ulfsson - Tourism Hospitality Teacher


About me

Tourism Hospitality and Event Management-Teacher
Three things about me:
  • Interested to put e-learning experiences into practical teaching.
  • Dont like taking life too seriously
  • Finished building a two storey balcony extension in January, and yes I have had 20 people on it and it is still standing

My e-portfolio links

My 2007 learning plan

What subjects are you teaching? (What?)

I am teaching IT for Events (how to use events software, use of web2 technologies in Event management and so on). I also teach Managing of Physical Assesset in a T&H context and Management Fundamentals, Lead and Manage People and Monitor Workplace Operations.

What is the purpose of your project (Why?) What student learning outcomes does your project relate to?

My aim is to increase the particpation in learning AND assessment by using mobile technologies and Web 2 technologies with my students. I am also interested in developing more flexible teaching and learning resources .


Resources At the moment I use a computer classroom and trying to use students mobiles as a tool in learning. We are going to trial methods of interracting over the net and other possible resources that come to hand as my project develops

Who is involved in your project (Who?)

Myself, my students and some fellow teachers and support staff from TAFE

What are you going to do in your project (What?)

I will teach students to use Wikispaces both for recording indicidual work and also to have a wikispece set up for classroom collaboration. We have done basic editing (photostory 3) to develop resources for promoting students achievements. We are also using blogs as a communication tool. We are going to trial the use of SMS messaging for communication and sharing of information.
Students are submitting about 40% of their assessable work via e-mail or invitation to their own private Wikispace (used for recording their learning experiences). We will posible also use Adobe Connect as a collaboration/ networking tool with industry representatives (as we learn about Adobe Connects possibilities and limitations)

What is your timeline for achieving your project goals? (What?)

August -October 2007

How will you know if you have achieved your purpose (How?)

Students will have submitted work as part od assessemnt and we will have some feedback from students towards the end od semester

How are you going to share your learning with your colleagues? (How?)

Meetings and discussions on a weekly basis as well as formal evaluations towards the end of semester. We will share our experiences and see what works and why**